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What's in Store Goes Digital!

By Abrielle Backhaus posted 11-29-2019 09:15


At IDDBA we believe the best way to not just survive, but to thrive is to adopt a philosophy and vision. This philosophy can be summed up by several pillars we call "Our Influencers”.

One of these influencers is technology because as our President, Mike Eardley, says, “through technology, shoppers' lives are changing at an ever-increasing pace. Technology marches on and failing to march onwards with it is a sure way to be left behind…Information is a central facet to this change.”

To keep pace with the rest of the world, IDDBA has transformed the 34th edition of What’s in Store to be a digital resource for our members. We’ve heard your comments and sought to include more of your favorite: figures. Even better, you can download them directly from the page. With just a simple click, you’ll have a presentation ready format of the figure. But, the digital features don’t stop there. With the new digital version you’ll be able to interact with the book more intimately. From highlighting to leaving notes, to keyword search function, we’re providing you with tools to enhance your experience.


The inherent benefit from print to digital, is sustainability, a word I’m sure you’ve heard a lot recently, and can read more about in the report. View more insights for generational and demographic insights in the Industry Landscape section of What’s in Store 2020.

Data is constantly changing, so your go-to trend report should too. We’re maintaining conversations with data houses and industry experts to offer you new content every quarter. Updates will be seen in March, June, and October, at no additional cost.

We’ve created an in-depth tutorial to show you each new capability offered in our digital version of What’s in Store. To view, click here. To order access, click here.