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Extra, Extra! March Update is Here

By Abrielle Backhaus posted 03-04-2020 08:00


That’s right, extra What’s in Store content.

The annual What’s in Store Trends Report is not just annual anymore. For the first time we’re offering updated content quarterly. On March 4th you’ll have new and updated data added to your edition of What’s in Store 2020. With our quarterly updates we are excited for our What’s in Store users to receive cutting edge trends, data, and research. There is a guide to the update incorporated in What's in Store to help you navigate the new data; the guide is also available for download by clicking here

Every day we see new fads in the news, notice altering consumer habits, and experience innovation in the industry. With our day-to-day busy lives, it can be challenging to keep current in our quickly changing industry landscape. That’s why this year with our new digital platform we’re offering our What’s in Store users updates that will keep our trends report relevant and current, making it continually applicable.

So what does this update entail? Allow me to dive deeper into what What’s in Store readers can expect to see.

Since we’ve gone digital, that means we can offer you new content more regularly. We’ve added to the project and will continue to add to the publication throughout the year. If you already have access, you will see both November 2019 and March 2020 content, and as the year progresses readers will also see new content in June and October.

The updates contain special top-line department data from IRI for the latest 52 weeks AND 13 weeks ending January 26, 2020, including UPC fixed weight as well as random weight items. This means our reports are sourced from total US Multi Outlet, which includes grocery, mass merchandise, and club.

Our November What’s in Store 2020 release was formatted with indigo coloring on the top and bottom of every page. For ease in locating all March 2020 updated content, we have changed the color for the header and footer to be bright orange. Refer to the image below as an example: 


Also, if the November release data has been updated, you will see a large watermark “updated” on the original page which you can click, and it will take you to the new data.

To see what we’ve renovated, go to the index where all new content will be listed with the same bright orange color making it easy to find our updates!

If you are the IDDBA member contact or have already purchased What’s in Store 2020 you will have access to the project and first quarter update on March 4th.

Don’t have a subscription to What’s in Store yet? This is the time to purchase one! Visit us here for more information.

Disclaimer: IDDBA peruses what has been published for the industry, gathers articles, collects data, talks to industry specialists, and packages it for you. Our mission is to provide you with a conglomeration of what’s been released in a concise, easy-to-use format. The information presented in this report has been compiled from sources believed to be reliable.