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Follow My Path: Elizabeth Yerecic

By Eric Richard posted 06-28-2019 08:46


This week’s featured industry leader for our “Follow My Path” blog series is Elizabeth Yerecic of Yerecic Label. As the Key Account Manager for her family business, follow her journey as she gives you a glimpse into her experiences working at her family’s 50-year-old company.

In two sentences, sum up how you got to where you are professionally.
As a part of the third generation in a family business of label printers, I was always given the opportunity to pursue my passion or to join the company. Luckily for me, that decision was not mutually exclusive and led me to becoming a Key Account Manager at Yerecic Label for the Midwest/Northeast region.

What is your guilty food pleasure?
Cinnamon rolls! I thoroughly enjoy cooking and baking, and I am currently perfecting my dough recipe for homemade cinnamon rolls.

How long have you been at your current role?
I started working in administration at Yerecic Label part-time when I was 16. I began full-time as a Key Account Manager in May 2017.

What professional habit are you most proud of?
To be successful in sales, you don’t necessarily need to sell products, but solutions. To be able to offer effective solutions, you have to be a great listener. The professional habit that I am most proud of would be my listening skills when interacting with customers and potential contacts.
What is your favorite cheese?
Gruyère! My mom makes a great scalloped potatoes dish using Gruyère cheese.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Working side by side with my family to create a successful and healthy business to pass on to the next generation.

What surprised you most when you started working in this field?
The complexity of the fresh supply chain. We are just a small part of a product’s journey from conception to the shelves of retailers. The pressures of keeping the supply chain moving still surprise me daily.

What were your childhood career aspirations?
I’ve always wanted to own my own business or businesses. My father took over as President of Yerecic Label the year that I was born, so I grew up with a clear vision of what it meant to be an entrepreneur. I saw his passion to not only create a legacy for his family, but to provide a great place to work in the community.  

How has your involvement with IDDBA benefited you professionally?
As a label company, we aren’t the typical members that you would think of when discussing IDDBA. I believe, however, that that is what makes our membership so valuable. Our investment in not only attending the shows but being involved behind the scenes shows our customers that we know what is happening in the industry. It has also allowed me to expand my product knowledge, contacts, and experience in an industry that we are looking to grow in.

What would you tell an individual considering a career in the food industry?
There is so much opportunity! If you’re willing to work hard, the possibilities are endless. For people looking to make a difference, understanding where your food comes from and the hard work that goes into it can truly be rewarding. There are fantastic networking opportunities to take advantage of, people to meet, and education to be had. Go for it!

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