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Fresh Careers Delivers Fresh Talent

By IDDBA Community Team posted 02-17-2020 16:48


Attracting new talent. The future of our industry.

We’ve all heard the phrases throughout the workplace around finding and keeping the right hire. With this in mind, we are faced with the question: how do we solve this need?

It’s with great pride to share a light at the end of this tunnel. While IDDBA supports our members through scholarships, grants, and programs, there’s one in particular that intimately works with the next generation of industry leaders. Fresh Careers. Our Fresh Careers program is built around a hands-on, mentoring philosophy that runs in conjunction with IDDBA’s annual tradeshow. It’s a program that helps university students network with seasoned industry professionals to get a glimpse into our industry. The selected students are enrolled in a food-focused program, specifically Food Industry Management, Food Science, Food Marketing, or Food and Consumer Goods Packaging Marketing.

“Fresh Careers is giving students the opportunity to connect personally with someone in the food industry which is such a valuable asset. Offering students a kickstart in networking is a great way to introduce the future employees to the industry.” -Mary Kay Pohlschneider, Professor of Food Science at Ohio State University

We’ve listened to the concerns that our members have been facing as the industry landscape continues to shift and attracting new employees remains a prevalent challenge. We understand this and offer a program to bring new, fresh talent to our industry. Last year we had 20 students from five different universities join us at our tradeshow, IDDBA 19. This year we’ll have another 20. That’s 40 future employable industry professionals! They walk the show floor where they have the opportunity to meet potential industry partners and build the bridges they need to kickstart their career. From specialized breakfast panels to one-on-one mentoring, IDDBA has built the Fresh Careers program to be an experiential learning program.

“We stress the importance of getting to know people in the industry. IDDBA’s show is a prime way of making such contacts. Students are learning the process of engaging on the show floor with industry professionals. For myself, the contacts are essential because I reinvigorate my own understanding of the industry and what products, trends, and behaviors are current and changing.” -Shawn Daly, Food Marketing professor at Niagara University

IDDBA provides the space and opportunities for our next generation to meet current industry leaders and directly learn about numerous potential career opportunities.

“Fresh Careers is a great opportunity to meet young talent, begin a relationship that can lead to building the talent pool at their company, and mentor the next generation of leaders in our industry. Gen Z students want to work for a company with a great culture and this starts with how a company presents itself to the public.” -George Latella, Professor at Saint Joseph’s University

Watch for the students in Indianapolis and introduce yourself! Personally meet the future faces of the industry.

Want to get involved? For more information about Fresh Careers, visit us at

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02-27-2020 16:42


Thanks for sharing information about this great program!

Attracting future talent can feel daunting, but feel assured.  Through this program, we've met some outstanding students and feel confident in the future of our industry. 

These students are engaged and excited to learn from us; you can learn from them, too!  They are attending the tradeshow to meet industry professionals, ask questions, and to determine their future path.  When you see them at the show, introduce yourself and answer a few questions.  Also use that opportunity to ask them questions.  What are they looking for in a future career or in a company they want to work for?  Would your company be a fit?  If not, what can you do now to be ready to attract new talent in the next couple of years?  What does your company's future look like?


Have you been a Fresh Careers Ambassador?  Please share your experience.

We're looking forward to hosting another great group of students in Indy!

See you there!

Jessica Ives
Professional Development Coordinator