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Back to School

By Whitney Atkins posted 09-03-2019 10:49


Depending on where you are it might seem this is a wee bit late for Back to School (BTS).  My southern friends and family have already started back. School supplies bought, schedules adjusted, rush hour traffic relived, and it seems as though there are more things to do than there is time in the day.

Here in the Midwest we are gearing up for that “storm” to hit next week and this mom is not ready so I will spend my long weekend trying to get ready.

Maybe it is a sigh of relief to say all that…now onto the real message.

BTS season brings about cooler weather (hang on some of you it will happen), football, and oh my goodness a focus on holiday selling seasons that you can already see creeping into retail everywhere.

Our customer’s daily lives are shifting, and retail needs to be ready.  There are less daylight hours and people will shop differently. Quick and healthy meals at home will be sought. Breakfast and lunch box items will fill carts while Sunday traffic increases.

It is all about feeding the young minds of our future. We all know that.

We at IDDBA know that feeding minds with educational offerings is one of the most important ways we serve the people of our community and our industry.

Here’s a snapshot of our continued commitment to grow the future:

Last year alone, IDDBA awarded over $300,000 in scholarships to 205 college students.

IDDBA offers reimbursement to member companies when dairy, deli, and bakery associates complete food safety certifications.

We understand a crucial way to feed young minds is through mentorship. We offer mentor grants and our Fresh Careers mentoring program is, as if not more, rewarding for the mentors than for the college students who are eager to learn.

Year-round learning is at our members' fingertips. From What’s in Store trends and research to webinars and online resources such as job aides and the IDDBA Community

We are excited to partner with the University of Wisconsin this year to offer the Advanced Management and Leadership Program and we are continuing to finalize our charcuterie certification exam.

IDDBA works every day to grow the people who make our community and our industry. Our annually hosted retail management forum and tradeshow allows us to put our educational initiatives in action. We’re already gearing up for Indy and IDDBA 20, to deliver quality lessons and insights.

I encourage you to reach out to IDDBA’s Education, Membership, and Communications teams for more information about the many scholarship, training, and continuing educational resources we provide year-round.

Oh! And as the school year bell rings around from coast to coast, we will survive the mad dashes of schedule changes, rush hour traffic, and enjoy the increased traffic in our stores for Back to School selling seasons.

Happy Back to School!